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VinylTile vs. Ceramic Tile: Major Differences

Vinyl tile is basicallythe samematerialutilized for sheet vinyl flooring. It’s aextremely thin and man-made productmade fromPVC plastic, which is bonded withan underlying fiberglass or feltlayer that is then covered withan image layer and aclearwear layer.For the tile form offlooring the vinyl iscut into squares , which rangebetween 9 and18 inchesin size.Some forms of vinyl tile, also known ascomposite tiles comprise a certain amountofstone dust pulverized intheir manufacturingprocess.This can give them a little morereal-world appeal than vinyl tiles made of plastic.

Another kindthat is made of vinyl tiles arepremium vinyl it is a much more durableversion of vinyl flooring. Itjoins by means of click-lockedges instead of being appliedby troweled-on Mastic.It is availableintile form and plankform. The tilesaregenerally referred asLVT,(or luxury vinyl tiles).They are a bit higher instatus than standardvinyl tilesand are alsomorecostly.

Ceramic tile ismade ofnatural earth clays that are mixedwith other materials, glazedwith a surface coatingand fired in ovensin order to firm them. Porcelainis the most specialized typeof ceramic tile. Porcelaintiles areconstructed fromsmaller clays and arebaked at higher temperatures, makingthem stronger and more durable.

Ceramictiles can be usedother on floors, orforwalls, countertopsor showers, while vinyltiles areused onlyas flooring materials.


Vinyl Tile

Vinyl floor tiles aretypically designed to look similar toceramictile, the mimicrycan be difficult to convince;nearly everyone can discernthedifferent between a flooring made of vinyland aceramic or stonetile floor.However, the vinyl floor tiledoes come in a hugerange of colors and styles. From asimple design point of view, you will haveall the options you candesire.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tilecomesina varietyofstyles and colorsalthough you’ll have to pay quitesome for the moreextravagant designs of tile. Ceramic tilecomes with a lotofelegance as a flooring option.Ceramic tiles, specifically, come in many veryattractive designs for aflooring material.

The Spruce / Margot Cavin

Best for Appearance: Ceramic Tile

Many would agreethat ceramic tilehas theadvantage when it comes toappearance. Vinyl tile,for instance usually aims to imitateceramic tile andis frequently recognizedas a fake.

Water and Heat Resistance

Both vinyl and ceramic tileshave the samethe resistance to water sincethey’re both waterproof.However, both tiles havejoints that can lead tothepossibility of moisture seepingthrough the underlayment andsubfloor.

Vinyl Click Tiles

Since it is a completely syntheticmade-of-man vinyl tile isinvulnerable to water damagehowever, the numerous seams betweentilesmay allow water toseep down betweentiles.Thus, vinyl tile isnotquite as impervioustohumiditylikesheet vinyl. Vinylis susceptible to being damagedthrough intense heat thatcould melt and cause scorching.Furthermore, vinyl releasesharmful gases when ignitedwithin a home fire. 1

Tiles made of premium vinylare a bit moretroublesome in regards tohumidity becausethey do not fitso tightly as they wouldwith regularvinyl tiles.But, the materialiswater-proof, soproblems will not arise providedthat spill and puddles areclean up.

Ceramic Tile

As a substance, ceramictile is alsoimperviousto damage caused by water. Theflooring’s surface is very resistant to water damage.resistance towater’s penetrationif the grout seams arewell-maintained and are sealed. Ceramic tile isalso completelyinert to heat damage.

Best for Water and Heat Resistance: Ceramic Tile

Bothmaterials offer good intrinsicdurability against damage caused by water,buttheyare also prone to seams thatallow moisture to penetratetothe subfloor.Ceramictile isnearly imperviousheat,whereasvinyl tileis easilydamagedby heat.

Care and Cleaning

Bothvinyl tiles and ceramictiles arevery easyto cleanmaterials.Regular sweeping followed by regular moistmoppingusingthe mild soap solution isreally sufficient to care fortheflooring materials.

Vinyl Tile

Vinyl tile isone oftheeasiest of allflooring materials toclean.

The Spruce / Margot Cavin

Ceramic Tile

In the case of ceramic tile,grout linesmay become dingywhen the seal coat ispermitted to degrade.In this case an effective scrub usingthe grout cleaner with bleachisrequired.

The Spruce / Margot Cavin

Best for Care and Cleaning: Vinyl Tile

Because it has nogrout linesto collect stainsor mildew Vinyl tile is themost straightforward flooring material to keepfree of dirt.

Durability and Maintenance

Vinyl Tile

Vinyl tileis expected to have alifespan of about 10yearsin normal use. Vinyl is a pliablematerial that’s a little brittleand prone to scuffs andscratches. However,replacinga damaged tileisn’t difficult. It’sfairly simpletoheat the tile to loosenthe adhesive,pullit off,scrape the floor to clean itandglue down a newtile.

Ceramic Tile

Tiles made of ceramic are amore durable material, andlifespans of 40 years ormore are not uncommon.Tiles damaged by damage can be removedand replaced.Grout lines on ceramic tilemust be resealed every fewyears, and cleaned shouldtheybegin to get stained or dirtywithmildew.

Best for Durability and Maintenance: Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is asturdy material that has excellent durability.


Vinyl Tile

Traditionally, vinyltiles arelaid down using a glue down bondin which flooring adhesive istroweled on the floor beforethe tiles arelaidto form a solid.But self-adhesive tiles now dominatethe market.With these, the adhesivecan be applied in a factory setting and covered witha protective paper that istaken off when it’s timetoinstall the tiles. Vinyl tile isone ofthemost sought-after flooring materialsfor DIYers dueto its easy installation.

A variety of different luxury vinyltiles and planks are installedon”floating” floors, inwhere individual pieces are joinedby a snap-lock mechanismthat holds the planks andtilestogether alongthe edges.The process of installation is similar to the oneused with laminate flooringand is incredibly simpleforthose who are DIY-ers.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic or porcelaintile isinstalled with a thin-set adhesivethat is used to adherethe tiles on an underlaymentmade of cement.Tiles that are partially cut can be madeby hand, using a tool thatcreates a score and snaps the tiles, or with a powerwet saw.Once the adhesive is dryand the joint is filledmortar-basedgrout. This groutis sealed after it driescompletely.While installing ceramic tiles islabor-intensive,manyDIYersdo it themselves.But, it’s moreusual for ceramic tilethat are installedbyprofessionals.

Best for Installation: Vinyl Tile

Vinyl tile isa veryeasyflooring materialfor DIYers toinstall.Ceramic tile installation can belabor-intensivehowever it’sdefinitely possible for DIYers toinstall it.


Vinyl Tile

In general, Renovation vinyl tile ismore affordable than other typesof flooring.Self-adhesive vinyl tiles sold atlarge-box home improvement stores generallywill cost between$1.50to $3 per squarefootand professional installation is usuallyroughly $3 per square foot. Vinyl tile, however,is easy to put inby yourself.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramictile costs around$5 per squarefoot in materialson their own, which is within a rangein the range of $ 1 for standard whitetiles, andgreater than 20 cents per square foot ofpremium porcelain tiles.Professional installation could cost between$4and$15 per square footdependingon the labor cost inyourarea and the complexityof thework yourjob demands.

Best for Installation: Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl tileis a greatflooringfor DIYers.installing ceramic tile can requirea considerable amount of work.


Vinyl Tile

Vinylfloor tiles are typicallyto be replaced within10 years, although longerlongevity is possible in lighter usecircumstances.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramictile can last manydecades, with longevity of40or more years being quitenormal.

Best for LIfespan: Ceramic Tile

There’s no doubt: Ceramic tile is alonger-lasting and durableflooring material.

Environmental Considerations

Vinyl Tile

Vinyl flooringcan contain toxicchemicals.While they’re stablein their manufactured form,they aren’t safe todisintegrate in landfillsand have the potentialrelease of toxic gases ifthe materials are burnt. 1 Environmentally conscious homeowners areconcerned about the usage ofvinyl flooring.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile isanaturalproduct and contains nothingharmful in its constituents.Ceramic tile from the past does not causecontamination when it findsits wayinto the waste bins.

Best for the Environment: Ceramic Tile

Because it is not contaminated bychemical components, ceramic tileisa better materialin terms of environmentalconcerns.


Bothvinyl and ceramic tileare available in a rangeofshapes and sizes,even though ceramic tile hasmore options.

Vinyl Tile

Vinyl tilestend to besquare , ranging in sizebetween 9 and 18inchesin size.

Ceramic Tile

Square ceramic tiles generally startat 3 inches wide but can reach up to18 inches, but theyalso comeintiny mosaic tilesthat are attachedto meshbacking and in geometric shapesas well as in rectangular shapes.

The best size for ceramictile

Ceramic tilehas more shapeand dimension options thatvinyltile.

Resale Value

Vinyl Tile

Vinyl flooring istypically thought ofasan economy flooring,however this is not the caseof modernluxury vinyl tiles and planks.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic or porcelain floor tilesare usuallythought of as high-end flooring materialsby real estateprofessionals as well asprospective buyers, especially ifthe floor is constructed with designerporcelain tiles.

Best for Resale Value: Ceramic Tile

Awell-maintained ceramic tile flooris always more prestigiousas well as a higher real estate worththanflooring made of vinyl.

Comfort and Sound

Vinyl Tile

Vinyl tile floors sincethe material is extremely durable they are more comfortableand quietthan rock-hardceramic tile. Inakitchen,china dishesdroppedonto vinyl might be able to survive as shattering can be anormal occurrence if dropped onceramic tile.However, vinyl flooring isquite durable for flooring particularly when it is installed ona concrete subfloor.

Ceramic Tile

Alongside being extremelysolid, ceramic tilealsothe most cold flooring option, unlessit is laid overthe radiant floorheating system. It willtransform it into a wonderfullysoftfloor.

Best for Comfort and Sound: Vinyl Tile

Both floors arefairlyhard underfoot, but vinyltilebeatsceramic tile as it’sslightly less hard.

The Verdict

Thebiggest advantages ofvinyl tilearethe low price andsimpleinstallation.On the other sideofcomparison,ceramic tileis a betterflooringmaterial, offering a betterappearance, durability,and greater resale potential.

Bathroom Finishes

Tiling a bathroom or Toilet Overlay  could have the greatest impactin the overall appearance of yourbathroom.It is possible to choose differentcolours or decide to matchyour floor with wall tilesto achieve a consistent look.Instead, consider usingbathroom accessories to add a splash of colourtoyour room.

If you have a smaller bathroom it is logicaltokeep the tiles thesame colour to make thearea appear biggervisually.Select bright coloured finishes tomake the room appear larger.

Choose materials that will age well because floor tilesencounter a large volumeoftraffic , and will experience constantdampness.

Wall tiles for shower areas

Classic wood-grained feature wall

Transparent subway floor tiles

Larger vs Smaller Tiles

The use of larger floor tiles makesthefloor appear larger.There are also lessgrout linesthat dirt canget stuck in, comparedtothe tiny mosaic tiles.

Tiles with smaller sizes, on theother hand , draw the eyeandcreates a sense of depthwhich make the room feellively and warm.Tiles with smaller sizes arepopularly used in showersas they are less resistantto slip.

Overlaying Tiles

Ifyou’re in possession of an existingtiled bathroom the option of overlaying tiles overexisting tiles both on the floorand walls is also feasible.Overlayingwill bring cost savings ofaround 30% in comparisonhacking which causestheinconvenienceofdust and noise.

One mustreview and confirmthat alldoors and fixturesprovide at least a 10-15mmto allow for a rise infloor height.

Anti-Slip Floor Tiles

Ifyou happen to haveelderly people living at home,choosing floor tiles that are anti-slipisa sensible choice.To avoid slips in the bathroom,could be an issue, especiallyin elderly people who oftenfall or slip due to the fact that the flooring willbe wet and slippery afterhaving a shower. There aremany floor tileswith anti-slip qualities availablein different styles that don’tinterfere with the styleof thebathroom.

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