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Women are very selective. what kind of man does a woman want ?

However, mostwomenare what I refer to asan Open Type this means thatthey arewilling to bewithvarious types of menin the event that he is able tomake her feel attractedto him forother reasons(e.g.He is charming, charmingand confident.

This is why you willhave guys withlook average or less than averagewithbeautifulwomen, or menwho do not even have ajobor agirlfriend.It is also common to seewomengetting marriedorhaving relationships with menofdifferent races.

The Ultimate Kind of Man

Theideal kindof man, that nearly allwomenadoreisandecent man who:

  • Feels confident around her as well asother people.
  • Does he appear masculine in the mannerthat he thinks, feelandconducts his day(i.e.when he has a problem,He finds a solutionandcontinues to moveahead, instead of wastingthe time getting emotionally involvedas a woman).
  • Shewill be loved and respectedfor who she is,notwhat he would liketoalter her appearanceormake her look.
  • Can leadher and him to deeperfeelings oflove, attraction and respect overthe course of.Rather thanexpecting her to staywith him for the restof her life, becauseit was goodatthe beginning.
  • Has purpose in direction in life (i.e.He is driven and hasa clear vision of hisfuture.
  • In love with no fear andnot aself-destructing or insecureperson.

Men can all be actively attracted towomen.

Certain men are born withmore attractive looks than others,but that doesn’t meanthe rest of us can’tactively attract women in otherways ( being confident, havingan masculine lookwhich makes womenappear feminine by comparison ormaking her laugh, beingcharming and charming, etc.).

Therealityabout attraction is thata majority ofwomen (not all) are moreinterestedandattracted to howthe guy’s character, behaviourandinner qualities make herfeel than they are on howhis appearance.

Yes, there are somewomen whojust wanta good looking guy, but the majority ofwomen aremuchmore what kind of man does a woman looking for While some women preferan attractive man, the majority ofwomen are moreopen toaccepting any type ofman.

This video willshow youwhy women are attracted bymen and how you can leverageit to makehimtheman they want.

This videowilldemonstrate toyou how the typesof men women are drawntocome in a variety ofsizes, shapes,and races.

Each of these men coulddraw women, even ifthey don’t have male models,have a lot of money, or aren’t 6 feettall.

  • An alpha male.
  • Aman who is a mystery.
  • Abeautifulman.
  • An overweight man.
  • Ashort man.
  • Aman with a bald head.
  • A sexyman.

Thetruth is,thetypes of menwomen havesexual relationswith,have relationshipswithand even marryaren’t the same.

They don’t wearthe exact sameclothes and listen to thesame songs, or enjoythesame lifestyle.

“Whattypeofmen are women attractedto?”

Why?Itdoes not matter if women admireyou for who you are orbelieve that you’re good at what you do.

Being nice towomenis awonderfulway to show respect however it onlywill be of value onceyou’vemade her feelattractedto you.

Beingfriendly to her isn’t the onlyreason she feelsattracted to you.If youwant her to feelattracted to you, it’sall abouthaving the characteristicsandbehaviorthatattract women naturally.

For example: Ifyou’rewith a woman andarebeing confident, makingher laugh,you’recharming and you havean air of masculinitythat makes her feel feminineandfeminine around you,and she’llfeel a lot of attractiontowardsyou.

However, if you have a conversationwithan individual woman and seemasnervous, or you choose to holdfrom making jokes out of fear thatyou’reconcerned aboutmaking a mistakeandyou makeher feeluneasytowardsyou (rather than feminine), she’s naturally goingto feel turned off byyour behavior.

Attraction isthe most importantandmost important. Everything elseis natural.

Ifyou want to bethekind of manwomenlike, you muststart offwith making womenfeel attractedto your character whenyoumeether.

If you canmake a woman feel attractedto you in the first place you, she’ll thenbe morelikelyto overlookminor(andsometimes major)distinctionsbetweenyou and herjust so she can getto havea flingwith you, and even becomeyourpartner.

An example: A man maybea football fanatic, butwomen he meets don’tcare.She may still wanttohave sex,becomehisgirlfriend, orevenmarryhim.

Insofar as the crucialaspect of sexual attraction ispresent and she’s ablebe awed by youandappreciateyou as a man and a man, thenminor or superficialdifferences(likean individual’s taste insongs or other interests)really don’t matter muchfor the majority ofwomen.

Inreality when a woman entersinvolved in a relationshipwith aman who likesfootball,she’ll probablybekeen to attendgames with him or watchcertain games on TV tohavetime with him.

She doesn’t have to beobsessed orobsessed with football the waythat guy however, she shouldat least accept his interestinfootball and appreciate itsince it’s something thatbrings him joy.

Whatkind of men do womendon’t like?

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Thekinds of men thatmost women don’t likeare those who:

  • Too nice.
  • A little shy or nervous.
  • Insanity and confusioninyour life.
  • Insufficiency ofcharisma and personality
  • Too proud ortooselfish
  • Lacking any alpha male qualities.

The bestmethod to succeed withwomen is tobethegood guy thatyou are, butbe a bit of a snob.

A good attitude indicates thatyou’re confident, you canbe assertivein situations where you needto, and havethemental strength to facewhatever challengeslifethrows at you.

Remembertoremainthegentlemanyou are.

Many guys areconfused by what womenare looking for in men. Whentheynotice a woman withbad boys They assume that allwomenwant this.

Yes, there arewomen whowould like a toughmale for a lovera boyfriend, but mostguys aren’t that andtheycan stillhave a good time, findan ex-girlfriend and becomethe wife.

Why?Most women wantmen who have the couragetofacetheobstaclesof life.

A woman will feel attractedto youwhen she feelsthat feeling about you.

It’sabout as simpleasthat.

When you attract womenwith this approach, you’ll findyou’re a manwomenare drawn to.

However, the reasonthat you didn’t get the results you wantedin the past was thatyousimply lacked the abilitytotruly attract womenandmake them feel comfortablewhen youtalkedtothem.

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