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While we are thinking of an dress, various fabrics of all shapes and sizes run through our minds. But, when it actually is time to go somewhere every outfit doesn’t seem to be appropriateYou worry about coordinating an odd outfit with your favorite jeans or you don’t find the perfect pair of sneakers with that gorgeous skirt! Ladies, let this article help you end all your problems with casual wear. All you need to do is to put your outfits on and hit the streetsIt’s easyFor starters, we think these three casual dresses for women could be what you’re looking for.

Grey Casual Dress with Full Sleeve Fun

Are you planning to head out with your friends to do some shopping at the mall and enjoy relaxed evening? We suggest that grey casual dress with full sleeves for the perfect attire for your special eveningBring your comfort to all new levels with the loose-fitting, hand -embroidered cotton fabric.

Beware of the loose fitting since it sits perfectly at your shoulders and runs in front of your knees. The main feature of this dress is the balloon sleeves that gives room for your arms and looks chic at the same timeYou can pair this adorable, girly number with a pair of the sneakers you love and you are good to go!

Yellow Casual Wear for a Playful Twist

Do you have a brunch event planned with the home of your relatives or having a catch-up with old acquaintances? We believe this yellow collared geometric pattern dress could be the perfect dress-up outfit! The upper half of the shirt is a shirt design and the quarter sleeves gives this casual dress a structured look.

The fun starts in the skirt that is part of this dress. The adorable frills that surround the skirt create volume the pleats. The dress wraps around the bust, highlighting the waistline and gives the illusion of length to the overall appearance. If you’re looking at taking things up a notch, pair this piece with a fashionable pair of shoes or simple sneakers work well.

Tassels and Braided Belt for a Casual Wear? Oh Yes!

You are in the mood of wearing something traditional , but do not want to show off? This look could be the best option for youIt doesn’t matter if it’s a nighttime stroll with your best friend or a quick trip to your grandparents’ house the casual two-layer dress in off-white is the one we suggest.

The thing we like the most about this dress is its delicateness with the double-layered fabric, which is obvious! The gold vertical stripes and the horizontal golden finish on the hemline of the dress give the entire outfit a the unique touch of a traditionalThe tie-dyed belt with tassels is some ethnic-boho touch to it. If you’re looking to keep it minimalist and stylish for your night out, this dress should make it to your wardrobe. You can pair this stunning dress with traditional juttis or flats with Tassel earrings to complete your look!

At Terquois Every piece of clothing is hand-embroidered and made with loveOur designs are designed to meet your casual or workwear requirementsIt’s just a quick look, but we have much more on our site.

Did you like any of the items on this listWish to tell us how you’re going to style one of our dresses from next year’s assortmentComment below and let us know on your ideas for casual dresses!

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