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Themarket for logistics services in thePhilippines isprojected to growall the way to and after the pandemic due to the riseinonline transactions duringthe lockdown.Joining the logistics industry andcompeting with the likes ofLBC Express and JRS Express is anewcomer tothe logisticsbusiness: J&T Express.

Although it onlylaunched in2018 in the PhilippinesJ&T Express hasgottenan enormous amount of attention fromsocial media and traditionalmedia.J&T Express is also awell-known brand for onlinesellersas well asbuyers.If youregularly purchaseatShopee it is likely that you havereceiveda few of your purchasesvia this shipping company.

J&T Express can provide acourier service that allows you to deliverthings to clients andlovedfamily members.Here’s a comprehensive guide to j&t rates as well as the delivery processand other things you mustknow about this logistics firm.

WhatisJ&T Express?

J&T Express, an e-commerce express courierfirm, operatesinIndonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand. It wasfoundedin2015.This logistics companyin Southeast Asia serves mainlysmall andmedium-sized businesses(SMEs)as well asonlinebusinesses.They offeronline sellers thepossibilitytodeliver packages usingJ&T Express boxes, or their own packaging.

J&T Express: How J&T Express Works

J&T Express is a logistics service provider. Itoperates exactly likeany other courier service inthe Philippines.Butwhat differentiates itfrom other deliveryservicesisthe wide arrayoffeatures to ensurereliable, secure, andpunctual deliveries.

J&T Express Delivery Features

  • National coverage, with more than400 J&T Express branches and warehouses
  • 24/7/365 operation in a calendarfull
  • 4 Service Platforms for shippingand trackingof packages: J&T Express website, mobileapplication, socialmedia [2] and a 24-hourcustomer support hotline(02)891-1888
  • 24/7CCTV monitoring forsecurity of your package
  • Tracking system usingGPS totrackdelivery trucks
  • System for tracking in real-time
  • VIP Platform (self-service dashboard thatenablesonline sellers tohandletransactionsandincrease speed inthe J&T Express delivery process)
  • The ClaimsSystem providesreimbursement forpackages thathave gone missingor damaged

J&T Express Shipping Process

There are twoways to deliver your packageusingJ&T Express.Or, you can visitone of the branches todrop off yourpackages ortake them toyour home.

HowToShipvia J&T Express Branch

  1. Complete the drop-off formviathe J&T Express Philippines Website [3] or onthe mobileapplication.
  2. Click the Orderbutton.
  3. Go tothe J&T Express branch nearest you.
  4. The barcode you generated atyour drop off booking.
  5. Hand the packages over to theemployees.
  6. Make payment for the shipping charge.

Howdo I bookJ&T Express Pickup Service

For arranging the pick-upof yourparcel To book a pickup, go tothe J&T Express website, mobileapp, 24/7 customer servicehotline or phonenumbers of branches in your area[44.The J&T Express pickup service isno cost.

J&T Express Rates 2021

J&T Express Philippines charges shippingcosts based upon distance fromthedestination and the weightof thepackage.The J&T Express Philippines website hasa calculator that will allowyou todeterminethecost of shippingyour delivery.It is determined bythe distance betweendestination andsourceof the package, anditsweight.

For packages weighing6kg or lessconsult the table below.

j&t shipping rates  from Metro Manila

J&T Express Philippines charges shippingcosts based upon distance fromthedestination and the weightof theparcel.The J&T Express Philippines website hasan online calculator that allowsyou tocalculatethecost of shippingyour delivery.It is determined bythe distance betweenlocation and thesourceof the packageas well asitsweight.

Priceof J&T Express Boxes

Ifyou prefer to useJ&T boxesfor shippingparcels,you can buythem separately fromshippingfees inany branch. jnt rates  arebased uponthesize and weightof the box.

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