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Do you want to sendhim crazy inthe bedandadd some spice toyoursexlifeby having somesexual pleasure?There’s a chance for you.These are the hottestmale sex roles we’ve seenmenare awestruck by.To ensure their woman loveiscontent and happywith sex, menspend a lot ofsleeping on the bed.Now is your timetorepay the favor.You can changethe roles andget your partnerin the game.Because sex roles play acrucial role in the lives of men, here are some of the most popularmale sex roles that they love.These are not yourtypical, boring missionary roles.Learn more aboutwhat they are!

1.Top Woman

This isone position thatnobody hates. man loves it This allows you to stay onhigh and lead the way. men love this position The guys love itwhenwomen arethe leader and dominatesthesex scene.You will be enviousof the womanin the lead.Youcan alterthe paceto suityourneeds, sloworfast.Keepthe playeron the edge of his seat.

2.The reversecowgirl’s position

best position for couples The reverse cowgirlpostureisa different sex pose thatmenadore.In thisone, the woman is onthe topand her backis in front ofthemale.The image doesn’t includea lot ofeye contact or any kindof touching however the stroking isenough toget your partnercompletely enthralled.Ifyou’re still wantingtoget an eye contactyou could alwaysglance around and get a look or twotoadd the spice.

3.The standing position

This can be perfected onlyafter acouple of tries.The standing position is whenthe twoof youare sitting andthe mancomes infrom behind.You canget the most outof your kitchenandtake this approach.Just bendforward and holdonto thekitchen’s counter while he gets intoyou.


This isone sexposition thatpermits lotsof bodycontact andit’s an extremely intimateposition.The two of you needtolie downside by sideand theman is able to penetrate.Your back willfacetheman and hecan grip you tightly.For a different option that you can do, turn your back asmall amount to face the male,so that he canwatch you duringsexual activities.

5.The Lap Dance

It’shard to find anyonewhodoesn’t love sex atdifferent locations.Pull a wooden chairandplace yourself on top ofyourman while he issitting onthe chair.Thisposition will makehis knees weaken,regardless of whetheryour facethe other wayor not.He’ll surely enjoythefeeling of you sitting besidethe other and having completecontrol.This positionoffers the additionalbenefit of allowing you tobe able to watch your man andkiss him.

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