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Do you need a jeansupdate?These are the latest seasonjeansthat you should knowabout…

Fashion trendsVideo Game Jackets come and go But if there’s awardrobe staple that men’s runwaysalways have, it’s the iconicdenimjean.When it comes to identifyingthetop American-made jeansfor men,hereat Bullet Blues we know exactlywhat washes, styles andsilhouettes are in fashionright now.We’re still beatingthelockdown blues , andthere isplenty tolook forward to thisspring.So although we might not be heading ‘out out’ quite as often these days, denim is in fact the perfect rock-for-all-occasions wardrobe addition.This fabric is versatileinmany ways.

But whatis it abouta well-fittedpair of jeans thatmakemenstand outwith all the right reasons?Bloggers, celebrities street style influencersandstylish men from all overAmerica have beenfollowingLevi Strauss’ jeans designseach seasonsince theinvention ofjeans.The right jeanswill make anyonefeel andlook millionaire,no matter if he’s a countryurban or cowboy, or abluecollar gentleman.Original cowboy and son toClint, Scott Eastwood isa shiningillustrationof this!Find out how he has embracedthe westernjeans trend while incorporatinghis ownstyleofmasculine cool.The truth is that fashionis not just about lookinggood, it’s also aboutbeing comfortable in the most stylishAmerican-madejeans for men.

GuysBest Women CardigansHere’sa list of the top5 Denim Trends thatBullet Blues can help youto make your favorite lockdown stylemoremodern.

American-Made Jeans For Men: Light Wash Cowboy Boot Cut Jeans

The ‘Cowboy’ Azurin boot-cutjeanswill be aman’sideal companion as the warmer eveningsbegin to arrive.They’re designed with love, andIf there’s a trend in denimthat’s all settomake a welcome comebackfor S/S21, it’slightwash jeans.This trendy boot cut style hasan aged look andsubtle stonewasheddetails soyou canwearlight blue jeans theBullet Blues way.Looking for the topAmerican-madejeans to wear with your man?This isthe authentic cowboy look!

Indigo Blue Tapered denim for Casual Weekend Adventures

Our’RebelIndigo” tapered-leg jeans are timeless inthe American denim collection.This pair of dark indigojeans is luxuriousdown tothe very laststitch. It’sperfectfor casual outings on weekendsand laid-back walks at night.For a bold look go with your most lovedBullet Blues muscle car shirt andvintage sneakers.

RelaxedStraight Leg Jeans with a Fit The ultimate in comfort and style.

{}Best Bootcut Jeans For Men Our’NationalistNuit” relaxed-fit jeans areconstructedwith the finestdark wash denim.They’ll grantyoumasculine style pointswhenyouwear them.TheBullet Blues edition is ideal forthose who havean activelife.Thisstyle of jeans is idealforathletes, particularlypeople with largerquads.Also, straight-legged jeans arebeing a hot item onrunways for menswear, so ifyou’reseeking to add a bitofeleganceto your springwardrobe”Nationalist Nuit” willassist you in defining your springfashion.

Uptown Guy: Black Skinny Jeans For The European City Boy Look

Bullet Blues’ solution to European style The ‘Uptown’ darkskinny jeanscan elevateyouroutfit from daytimetonight.If you decide to pair themwithan tucked-in light blueChambray shirtor introducean accent of color withour Amber Flame button-up shirt, thesedesigner black skinny jeans offerthe ultimate denim fashion statementthatwill definitelymake heads turn at any event.This slim-fit American style isstylish and sturdy.

Dark Blue Tapered Leg SkinniesforThe Modern Man About Town

Our slim ‘Uptown’jeans areclassic dark washthatwill inspire you inyour everyday outfits. Theyalso comein a midnightblue hue with a softfadedfinish and whiskered details.This pair of deep bluejeans isa popular choiceforAmerican-made jeans.It’s a classic pair that provides timelessfashions and enduringcomfort.Are youready to updateyourstyle for springwith classic, slim-fit denimthat flatter your body?Grabyour Bullet Blues pair today!

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