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You may think ofthe termVPN (Virtual Private Network) asa necessityinternationally, to get aroundinternational censorship . It could also besomething that hackers would employtostay out of trouble.

However, there are a lot ofadvantages to investing ina reliable best free vpn provider regardless of where you areinsideNorth America, and evenwhen you’re as clean as awhistlein your surfing habits.Through this overview,we’re going toexaminethe functionstheVPNcan do, how yoube sure that it is secureand legal,as well aswhich of thebestVPNbusinessesrankmost highly in certain categories.

10 Best VPNs by Category

The Top 5:

  1. Best vpn for netflix andstreaming (fastest)(fastest)NordVPN
  2. Best vpn for torrenting(nolog vpn withP2P support)(CyberGhost)CyberGhost
  3. Most suitable for streaming netflix inChina-ExpressVPN
  4. Cheapestvpn that unblocks netflixand SurfShark.SurfShark
  5. The best user interface andlightning fastTunnelBear.TunnelBear

Runner ups:

  1. Top 100% free vpnwith ads -HotSpotShield
  2. The most reliable browser that’sbuilt-inVPN. FreeVPN(opera)Opera
  3. The best Android vpn -Zenmate
  4. The best Linux vpn –SecureInternet Access
  5. High-speed swiss VPN – Proton VPN

1. NordVPN – Best VPN for Streaming

NordVPN isamongthe most reliableVPNproviderswith more than 5,000 serversand reliable speeds in mostcountries. Based in Panama The company hasinternational policies that are accommodating to foreigners, and does not haveretention of data likethat ofthe U.S.

The company alsoprovidesthreeadvanced features includingDouble VPN that allows users tojump across multiple servers foradditional encryption as wellas VPNtechnology for cloaking; aKill Switch, which protects your privacyin the event that theVPN servergoes down ,dropping all internet communication;and DNSleak-blocking too, which prevents any monitoringthrough yourbest vpn 2022ISP.

Thefirm’s welcoming policies as well asrobust,reliable performance makesit our number one choice forthe VP-security.


  • Double VPN technology
  • Skill Switch Feature
  • DNS Leak Protection
  • Over 5000 servers spread acrosstheglobe
  • Reliable speeds
  • Cryptocurrency accepted
  • Based in Panama


  • Costly compared with the competition
  • Problems with torrenting

2. CyberGhost – Best VPN Provider by Total Servers

CyberGhost isamongthe mosttalked about companies inthe VPN market,especially becauseit is highly recommended to bypassrestrictions and unlocking apps likeNetflix, Disney+,and more. Withmore than7700services, CyberGhost is a strongrunner-up, and many considerits interfaceto beone ofone of the easiest to use.

CyberGhost’saffiliation with theKape, the parentKape’s parentKapehas some users concerned however the problemisthat the companydoes logsome of its data.

Yet, with an enormousnumber of servers , and with solidspeeds reported , it’sclose second.


  • User friendly
  • Multi-tunneling, Split tunneling, and Double VPN
  • Offers 7 licenses
  • More than7,000 servers


  • The monthly plan is somewhat expensive
  • Limited access to the topservers
  • Managed byKape the company isn’tthe mostadoredcompany.
  • The companyhas not stopped loggingdevices

3. ExpressVPN – Most Diverse Geography of all VPN Services

ExpressVPN hasgained a lotofpraise from its users due toPrivacy policies.With its headquarters inthe British Virgin Islands, thecompany has some freedom inkeeping track of user activity andnot storing user activity.

Itdoesn’t saveIP addresses, orevenan actualVPN IP, nor eventhelengthof the session ortimestamp.The information it savesonly traces backtoa group ofusers who reside in a specificregion.

The company alsoprovides highspeeds,amongstthe fastest aroundacross many of itsservers. The VPNalso reaches over90 countries and is even faster thanourtop choice. Nord VPN.

Express is alsobest vpn provider 2022a very well-connectedapplication, offeringapps for all majoroperating systemsas well asbrowser plug-inscompatible with allthebestbrowsers.The plug-ins act as proxy services, letting you changethe location ofthebrowser.All in all, VPN Express lives upits promise of being fast safe, secure, and user-friendly.


  • Excellentprivacy policies
  • Speedyspeeds
  • Easy to use apps for alldevices as well as browserconnections
  • Withmore than90 countries,a greater reachthanother competitors


  • A bit higher than the average cost.
  • Alimitedvariety of simultaneous connections

4. SurfShark – Cheapest VPN for Streaming

Surfshark isamongthetop choices for speedytorrenting, P2P, andblocking allmost popular streaming services intheworld.It offersDNSleak-proofing(whichis caused byrouting requeststhroughanISP instead ofusing aVPN)andIPv6leak protection.

Through a contractyou can benefit from advanced multihop andsplit-tunneling functions, soyou are able to sign up to one serversanddepart from another.You can choose multiple routes, soit is impossible for anyone totraceyour IP address, regardless of whether you areleaving or entering.

The company, which is basedwithinthe British Virgin Islands, offersgreater privacy protectionsover companies locatedinNorth America or even most of Europe.

Some users had issueswhen the kill switch was disconnectedhowever, not everyone is happy withtheconsistency of speed.Still, a strong contender.


  • Allows unblocking of major streamingservices
  • Well-handled torrents
  • No set number ofsimultaneous connections
  • Advancedmulti-hop and split-tunneling instruments
  • They are located inTheBritish Virgin Islands, whichprovides above-averageprivacy
  • Lower pricing than most


  • Kill Switchissues
  • There isn’t an ultra-fastVPN

5. TunnelBear – Best Free VPN Service

TunnelBearis a fantasticconcept: the faces ofanimated bears in roaring poses, waitingtoprotect your internet privacy.Don’t be deceivedby thecutesygag. Ano-costVPN, not to mentionthe cost-effectiveand unlimitedVPN plan,is difficulttooverlook.

TunnelBearalso offers a greatdeal on security features that are advanced, such as aKillSwitch andan annual auditingprocess byindependentorganizations, demonstratingthe company’s transparency when dealingwithcustomers.

A problemit is that the firmislocatedin Canada and, even thoughit says that it does not recordanyinformation, it isstill subjectto Canadianlaw and couldbe required to divulge informationwithpolice. This isone of the disadvantages comparedto a company based overseas.

The McAfee-owned businessis a reputable namein the field.


  • One of theeasiest interfacestolearn and master
  • Kill Switchprepared, which means protectionevenif you lose yourVPN network
  • No data logging policy
  • Annual audits by independent entities
  • Free forup to 500 MBdata


  • There aren’t many diverselocations worldwide
  • HeadquartersinCanada that is related to
  • It’s not possible to unblock certain streaming services.
The Best VPN Services (2021)
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