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There is a misconception that lawyers for family law in Barrie can only help you during divorce or property dispute. But, this isn’t the situation.

 Family law lawyers Barrie

A family law lawyer cannot assist you with serious Family Lawyer Barrie matters like divorce, and dispute over property, however they they can assist you in resolving other matters in the most pleasant manner. If you don’t want to appear in court for the matter at hand Your family law attorneys Barrie can help you resolve disputes outside of court.

With Owen & Associates Law, we can help you with various family law-related issuesThe areas in which we can provide you with effective legal counseland representation in and outside of court include –

Barrie, a family law lawyer – What we can do for you:

  1. Separation Agreements
  2. Adoption
  3. Contested Divorce
  4. Uncontested Divorce
  5. Marriage Contracts
  6. Division of Property
  7. Variation Agreements
  1. Child Support and Custody
  2. Arbitration and Mediation
  3. Application to the Court
  4. Appeals
  5. Spousal Support
  6. Plus

When you are in a precarious situation, you not only need legal advice as well as support and adviceWhatever you need we will be able to help achieve what’s fair. We are very proud of being an expert both inside and out of courtrooms. We recognize that, unlike civil or criminal legal proceedings the family law area is where, when you are involved you are impacted by your emotions in a greater degreeIn such a case in which you’re already suffering from emotional stress, we work to reduce the pressure that you are under by the law.

From helping you get separated from your partner to aiding you through adoption procedures, we can make sure your family is as pleasant as it can be. If you’re having a difficult relationship, or you need support for your kids, yourself or stop the property-related issues you face we can help you get all of that done and more. If you’re seeking assistance in matters of law and are looking for someone that you are able to trust you can arrange a meeting with one of our experienced Family Lawyer Barrie.

Our costs and fees are listed clearly on the website. We do not believe in profiting from your negative circumstances. We make sure to charge only what is fair and you’re free of financial burdens that are not needed.

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